Community Whitelisting for Synapse Network

KYC Selection Process (Early Stage Community Round)

We received a total of 54015 responses in the Synapse Network Early Stage Community Round. The number of whitelisted spots available is only 200 in total for this round and meant that only a small percentage of those who applied could be whitelisted. To present a detailed process of selection, our team followed a structured approach based on the conditions listed below. We are also sharing the entire data as well as the code so you can verify the authenticity of our selection procedure yourself.

  1. In order to avoid any doubt, we will post to the public a sha256 hash of the file. Everyone will be able to check the value of the hash — this will prove that the data was not tampered with.
  2. The contract will contain a SHA256 hash of the CSV file.
  3. The contract will select 200 random numbers matching the numbers from Spreadsheet. Everything will be verifiable on-chain. We will explain the way for everyone to check the results. These people will be in the main group of investors. The other 300 people will remain on the backup list in a randomly ordered queue. These people will get an investment opportunity if the investors from the randomly selected group of 200 people fail to invest.



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